Handwriting is a highly complex skill and a comprehensive assessment will help understand why your child is having difficulties. Caroline will assess how gross motor, fine motor, visual perception skills and sensory processing impact upon your child’s prewriting and handwriting skills.

Posture, pencil grip and hand dominance will be considered and how these impact upon the legibility and speed of your child’s handwriting. Concentration, attention, motivation and confidence will also be included in the assessment process.

  • Assessments can take place at home, school, clinic base in South Bristol or by video link.
  • Duration 45-90 minutes.
  • A variety of assessment tools will be used depending on the age and stage of your child.
  • There will be an opportunity to trial specialist pens, pencils and equipment to support handwriting.
  • A detailed report with individualised recommendations provided. 
  • Advice to support handwriting in school and exams.
  • Liaison with school can be offered.
  • Review appointments are available.


Following a comprehensive assessment, intervention can be provided. These sessions are focused, fun and interactive and based upon the individual needs of your child. 

  • Individual sessions can be offered at home, school, clinic base in South Bristol or by video link.
  • Duration 45 minutes.
  • An initial block of 6 sessions is recommended. Further sessions maybe required depending on progress.
  • A Home programme is provided, with daily practice of 15 minutes, this is required to consolidate progress.

Consultation and training

A variety of options are available; 

  • Parent Workshops- these can be requested through organisations, schools or independently.
  • School Training and Consultation- 
    • To Develop and implement best practice across the whole school.
    • Twilight/ INSET training for whole staff group. 
  • Handwriting groups or club for students in school.
  • In class training to support the handwriting development of students.
  • Advice/ Consultancy clinic for staff or parents.
  • Individual handwriting assessments for students. 
  • Provision and monitoring of handwriting programmes, recommendations for equipment for individual students.