Handwriting prior to session and then 6 months later.

“At 7 my son was really struggling to keep up in school. He showed lots of signs of Dyslexia and his handwriting was completely illegible. Despite being bright and understanding all the work set, he was increasingly falling behind and school didn’t seem to know how to help.

We had some great input from the NHS  OT but the sessions were all in school and when the block finished he clearly needed more help but we didn’t know where to begin at home.

He only had a few sessions with Caroline, but they made a massive difference. He really liked the sessions and concentrated better than he ever had at home. She gave us a clear programme to follow between sessions with fun activities and reward charts to keep him motivated. We focused on doing 10-15 minutes home practice every day.

His progress was amazing – in a few weeks his writing was already much clearer and continuing to follow the advice after his sessions had ended his writing is now unrecognisable from 6 months ago. His confidence has increased massively and although he still finds reading, spelling and writing a massive challenge he is much more willing to have a go.”